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Our studio provides a complex range of services from proposal of project design to actual interior implementation. This service includes securing of all necessary details for interior design, elaboration of interior study, interior visuals, and interior animations to implementary interior documentation. Further, we offer to work out budgets, interior implementation and take care of the furniture and fitting selection with delivery.

Apartments and residences

interiery-1The studio has rich experience with interior design and construction of apartments and residences. Its strength lies in atypical housing, and lofts that are based on the specific individual needs of the client. This is further reflected in individual projects of family houses, where we use future modern technologies together with current technological possibilities to enhance and resolve client’s demands better.


interiery-1Within the field of restaurants, bars or cafes our future clients will appreciate our experience in the area of gastronomy. Within the gastronomy business it is particularly effective to have the possibility to look over the project design in a computer setting through visuals or animations and thus be able to decide for the most fitting alternative in advance. Our studio develops complete documentation from the area alignment, construction documentation and all relevant and necessary licenses and permissions, interior design including a comprehensive budget on construction, interior and furniture.


interiery-1We ensure and provide all related services from choice of the appropriate location of offices, architectural studies, visuals, animations, project design and interior implementation, together with furniture design, implementing of data networks to the relocation of the whole company. Schedules and budgets are considered an integral part of project documentation. Further, we engage in reconstruction, finishing of construction, enlargement and other activities connected to the development of investor’s company zone. Our studio represents a number of respected producers of office furniture active on the Czech market as we also provide offices with a complete assortment of products ranging from carpets, fire walls, acoustic ceilings to lightening, storage systems and data networks.


interiery-1We design and secure the interior implementation for family hotels and pensions, through to hotel chains. Our strength in this area lies in professionally elaborated project design and visual presentation, with the possibility of visual animation of future operations of the entity. In the primary part of the project design the client can through the eye of a camera take a look at the hotel interior, and right at the beginning decide for a certain option, which the client considers the best. Importantly, we are able to suggest a price of an interior in the first phase of the study.