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Developing commercial real estate is a challenging business endeavor that requires not only a significant financial investment, but also a sound understanding of commercial tenants’ requirements, as well as zoning laws and project management. In addition, because developing commercial real estate involves negotiations with local authorities, representatives of local residents and business owners, as well as with the contractors who perform the architectural designs, construction work, and landscaping, good interpersonal and diplomacy skills are a major requirement. For entrepreneurs who possess the resources and skills, developing commercial real estate can offer an extremely rewarding business opportunity and pave the way to a long and lucrative career.

Provides an analytical framework for understanding real estate finance and development fundamentals from both public and private perspectives.

Topics addressed include

Establishing investment/development objectives;

Structuring ownership entities;

Identifying and evaluating prospective development sites;

Creating sound development plans;

Understanding the public entitlement process;

Preparing market and feasibility studies;

Securing debt and equity financing;

Coordinating the design and construction process;and marketing and managing real estate assets.